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Why is it so difficult for older people to figure out how to type their passwords? I work for a small bank in a state full of old people who refuse to change (no not the hot one). I’m in the department for online banking but it’s just a call center with a fancy title.

I’ve had multiple 20-30 minute phone calls today where it goes similar to this:

C: Angry rant, angry rant new fangled technology ever since your update I can’t get this to work, angry rant, angry rant It won’t let me in.

Me: Okay not a problem. (Verify, verify) I can get you a temporary password. All the letters are going to be L O W E R C A S E. The password is (first letter).

C: Now is that upper case?

Me: mutes ARE YOU KIDDING ME unmutes No that’s L O W E R C A S E.

C: Okay okay next.

Back and forth for the six digit temporary password.

C: So that goes where?

Me: In the password box. Your username is still the same.

C: Alrighty. (Painfully-slow-one-fingered-typing). Okay now it’s asking me for some security code.

Me: Yes that’s just an extra layer of security we add for our customers.

Five minutes later as they try to figure it out

C: Okay so now it’s asking to change my password.

Me: Great!

C: “Current password”? But I don’t know my password!!

Me: face-desk The current password is the one I just gave you.

C: Oh well I didn’t write it down. I need it again.

Me: with face still on desk, relives 10 minutes ago with same confusion

C: So new password okay. And wait I have to type it again? Oh nooooo this is too much work I hate this rant rant rant

Me: silently screaming

C: Now it’s saying the passwords don’t match! What does that mean??????

Me: It just means the two boxes with the new passwords weren’t the same. I recommend retyping what you want your new password to be.

C: grumble grumble

Five minutes of this later

C: Oh wonderful I’m in. Bye!

Me: Wonderful! Thank you have a nice day! (To no-one at all because they already hung up)


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