Repeat after me: I do not look after your account. I know nothing.

At my work you have a general customer service phone number that people use as well as your own direct line. This is a call received on behalf of a colleague from a lady on colleagues account

Me: usual intro Lady: Yes I’ve moved into this address and have been told you are my new supplier? Me: Yes I can see that. We will need to do some new tenant checks but otherwise this process should be fairly simple. If I email you a form can you fill it in for me? Lady: Yeah no problem. Me: Wonderful thank you. Just so you know my colleague C looks after this account and will be processing this for you. You may wish to talk to her for updates.

Now this is where it gets annoying. This lady was given my direct line by another member of staff – and calls me almost every day for an account I don’t manage.

Me: Hi (lady), how can I help? Lady: Has my tenancy been updated yet? Me: I don’t know – you need to be email C who looks after the account. Lady: But why is it taking so long? I’ve never had these problems before moving supplier. Me: As I said, I don’t know. C is not in the office today but if you call back tomorrow she can update you.

Week 3 and she’s still calling ME and not C! I don’t know how many times I’ve told her to speak to C as I don’t manage the account…Lady is not taking a hint.

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