Internet/Phone drop twice, call and get surprising help

Wanted to share a positive interaction with my ISP I had earlier today less than 2 hours ago. Playing WarThunder and ping and packet loss spiked to 495 ms and 25%+ twice during two separate matches (saw floating Chieftains and invisible tank shadows, DCed from Discord, etc.) Crashing both game, internet connection, and phones (really important bit). After the first crash, I reset router and modem. Second crash, I call in.

The lady I talked to wasn’t a gamer and didn’t really know what I was talking about, but listened to everything patiently. Described everything to her and told her why we really needed the phones (waiting on call from hospital about surgery appointment.) She asked that I wait a minute and went to talk to her boss/supervisor, who was a bit of a gamer. They took a look and she came back stating that someone was attacking my connection (DDoS or something) and causing it to crash. She was then able to get a tech sent out today.

I just wanted to share this since it is a positive and happy story and give a shout out to her for being so helpful and not just some guy complaining about losing internet and phone service for some reason. She went A&B and I really appreciate it.

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Well as long as he feels helped I guess