Maternity hiking pants.

I used to work in the call center for a women’s athletic clothing company. We carried active wear and high quality causal clothes. Honestly wasn’t a bad job; had some pretty fun conversations with some pretty cool people. That being said, we got plenty of obnoxious ones too.

One day, a woman calls in asking about maternity hiking pants. Now, we don’t sell maternity clothes, nor have we ever claimed to. We do have some styles that would work for a pregnant woman but we have never ever advertised as such. So, I start by letting her know that we don’t carry what she wants, but she keeps pressing. I’ll be me, she’ll be PL for pregnant lady.

Me: while we don’t carry maternity hiking pants per se, we do have a style with a very flexible waist. How about these? (Style name)

PL: (looks at pants online) nnnnooo I don’t like the look of those.

Me: oh ok, sorry to hear that. Honestly I’m not sure what else we have that would work for you….

PL: well, what other companies should I look at then?

Me: ……….I haven’t had kids yet, so I really can’t recommend anything personally. We really don’t specialize in maternity.

PL: there must be someone in your department who has had kids! Let me talk to them.

Did she really just demand that transfer her to someone else who works for my company, so they can tell her where else to shop?

Me: actually no one on this shift has had children either. (This was true, btw. Small company small staff)

PL: so you’re supposed to be this athletic company and you can’t tell me where to get good maternity hiking pants? Seriously?

Me: again, we don’t carry maternity and don’t advertise as experts in such.

PL: well then can you look it up for me?

Me: ………(being new and not yet totally broken in) ok, well there’s…..(I quickly google some sites and read them to her)

PL: no……no……no……

Me: I’m sorry but I really don’t think I can be of much use here.

PL: ok, well, it’s just shocking that you claim to be these great athletic experts and you can’t even recommend a good maternity pant! (And hangs up).


TL;DR: woman calls my company asking for maternity hiking pants even though we don’t sell any maternity clothes; gets upset that I don’t have a list of OTHER COMPANIES to recommend, generally tells me I’m bad at my job because I don’t know about something I don’t sell.

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