Fun times with basic verification.

Me: Okay can I just have your full address?

Customer: It’s 123 imadumbass St, Fort Lauderdale 45678

Me: Oh could you say the state as well?

Customer: scoff What other state has a Fort Lauderdale?!

Me: I don’t know sir but I have to have the full-

Customer: Name another state besides Florida that has a Fort Lauderdale!

Me: I don’t know. Are you saying Florida then?

Customer: scoff I swear you people…..Yes! Yes I’m saying it’s Florida!

Me: Okay great. So I have your account up now and-

Customer: You know what? You’re a cunt! I’ll call back! Click

At my job we absolutely HAVE to have a customer’s exact address. I actually already got in trouble for forgetting the city once.

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