"I’m sorry I’m take medications to make me less crazy"

Ohhhhhhh boy. This one was a doozy but felt so good by the end of the call to just finally be able to just put someone in their place.

I get a call tonight on one of our property management accounts. Most of the time those calls go well but there’s the crazies mixed in as we all know. This guy was calling about the lights in his complex parking lot being off and he almost fell and he wants them to turn them on now.

M=Me CG=CrazyGuy

M-“X properties this is Mischief, How can I help you”

CG-“Yea this is apartment XXXX and I just almost fell and broke my arm in the parking lot because the lights are out they need to turn these lights on NOW”

at this point I got a good idea of how this call is going to go. I didnt anticipate it fully though.

M-“Ok I just gotta get your info and ill let them know. Who am I speaking with?”

CG-“You don’t need to know who I am,you have my apartment number. This is ridiculous what if someone gets RAPED in the parking lot by some CRAZY person.The state pays for my apartment and I cant wait to tell them about this tomorrow and see what they have to say to this company.”

M-” Ok, well thats a bit dramatic but I just need to get your info and can let them now.”

CG-“No, You just call them and tell them. What if this was your wife of mother getting raped in the parking lot. This is fucking stupid and you need to fucking call them right now.”

M-“Ok, well if you curse at me one more time I am going to disconnect the call. I am offering to take your info and pass it to the proper people but you are stopping me from doing that”

CG-“You know what!? This is FUCKING stupid, I am going to send people down to New Jersey and fucking kill you people.”

Now two things: I don’t know where he got the impression that we are in NJ. His apartment isn’t even in NJ. Two BIG FUCK UP. Considering the state pays for his apartment I’m sure they would loooooove to hear that hes threatening to send people to kill call center employees.

At this point I hangup which I regret since I couldn’t call him out on it. Not even two minutes later the account hits my board again. Caller ID matches. Its go time.

M-“X properties, how can I help you?”

CG-” Yeah I wanna report my lights being off in the parking lot.”

M-“Ok I just need to get your information.”

CG-“You dont need my information. This is so stupid. I cant wait to report you to the state tomorrow!”

At this point I can only describe what I felt as pure joy. He walked right into this.

M-“Ok also make sure to mention to them how you threatened to send people to harm our employees. Which is a crime. I am sure they would love to hear about that. I will also be making sure the office gets a copy of that recording in the morning”

CG-“Look….Listen….I’m sorry….You gotta understand I’m just frustrated.”

M-” It doesn’t matter sir. That is besides being illegal not even acceptable to go around saying because you are upset. I was trying to help you and responded with threatening me and my coworkers”

CG-“Its just that I’m worried about the women that live here….and the kids…yea there’s kids that live here. I’m sorry I take medications to make me less crazy. Just please don’t send them the recording I’m really sorry. I just want to report the lights being out.”

M-“Ok, I wont send them the recording but I need your info. No more arguing about it and well forget this happened.”

I stuck to my word and didn’t tell anyone else about it or send the recording out. I probably should’ve to teach him a lesson but putting that fear into him felt good enough honestly. After a shitty few weeks of work I figured I would share this interaction with you all.

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