Only IT/Tech support is me and I’m not supportive enough

Not sure if this belongs here, but I’m the only IT person for our small retail group. We have almost 40 stores and everyone of them has a different setup with hardware and their AV systems (even further out of my knowledge base) Boss is a tight arse so buys the cheapest products for each new store build and refuses to hire a good tech person.

We are also in the fitness industry so a lot of our staff are hired because they look good not because they can actually do the job well.

I’ll be ME. Stupid Manager will be SM

ME: Hey SM how can I help you

SM: my TV won’t play the monthly video content

ME: Ok, What do you see on the TV

SM: don’t know the TV isn’t on

ME: If you switch it on now, what do you see?

SM: I don’t know, it just on

ME: (thumping my head on my desk). Can you tell me what input the tv is set on. USB, DVD, PC etc. use the AV button on the remote to change those on the tv

SM: where do I see that. I don’t know where the remote is

ME: (poking a pen in my eye – how the fuck did you turn the tv on then?…). Ok. Let’s try a different tack, How does the TV normally play your content? From a DVD, USB or do you stream straight from the PC.

SM: Oh. I know that! USB. But the weekend manager said the USB was corrupted.

ME: Well I was in the store on Thursday and it was working fine. Is the USB plugged in? And what is the error message

SM: Oh. It’s not plugged in, I can’t even see the back of the tv because it’s built in.

ME: (Sigh). The USB goes into the left hand PC. Can you see it?

SM: well no. Of course not. The weekend manager threw the USB away because it was corrupted. So are you going to fix my TV or not???

ME: If you threw the USB away you will have to contact marketing or get another one from stationary store and download the content from Dropbox and put it on the USB so you can play it

SM: So you aren’t going to help me fix this?

ME: Ya know what? I’m going to call your Area Manager and let him help you with this one

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