Don’t even think about putting your headset down!

I work for a large restaurant delivery service and this happened Sunday night.

Me: Thanks for cal-

Rude guy: Where’s my food??

Me: Just a momen-

Rude guy: I said, where’s my food?? (literally yelling now)

Me: (sits in stunned silence for a second)

Rude guy: Don’t even think about putting your headset down. You are customer service and you will not put your headset down! (still yelling)

Me: I’m sorry. Did you just tell me not to put my headset down?? (definitely not the right thing to say lol)

Rude guy: I did. Did you not understand me? Do your job and tell me where my food is. Now.

Me: I will check for you when you stop yelling at me. (I was super pissed at this point and could not be empathetic. I couldn’t do it.)

Rude guy: I’m not yelling. (Now he starts purposely talking in a quiet, condescending voice.) Does this sound like yelling? I asked you a question. Do you not know your job? You’re customer service. Tell me what your job is. Or do you not know? Where’s my food?

Me: (doesn’t say anything but pulls up order)

Rude guy: I told you NOT to put your headset down. I know you’re there. (yelling again). Do you not-

Me: CLICK (annnd hangs up on him)

This is not what I should have done and he got the better of me but he was the meanest person I have ever talked to. I notated his account and had to take a few minutes personal time to calm down. People are becoming more entitled by the minute.

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I don’t give that information out on the phone.