I don’t live in the street.

I work for an ISP and I had this beauty today

Me: Thank you for calling [company], how may I assist you?

Customer:  All my service has been out for hours!!!

The account that popped up on my computer when he came through shows he’s in an outage area, where trees had fallen on our lines. No problem, easy call, but we are required to verify we have the right account pulled up.

Me: I apologize about that. I’d be happy to look into that for you. Could I please have your street address to pull up your account?

Customer: I don’t live in the street.

Me: …..

I’m guessing at this point he’s either just mad that his service is out and just trying to be a jackass, or maybe he misheard me?

Me: Could I please have your street address?

Customer: I just told you, I don’t live in the street! I live in my house!

Me: Yes, I understand that, but I need to know the address of your house so I can look at your account…

Customer: My house number is 123. Is that what you want?

Me: I also need the street you live on.

Customer: I DON’T LIVE IN THE STREET! I don’t have time for this bullshit!


This guy sounded older as well, so how in the hell he’s survived this long without ever being asked for a street address is beyond me


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