"My internet is not working. Could it be the fact that the pole is on fire?"

I posted this on r/talesfromtechsupport, but I figure my TFCC friends would enjoy this.

For those who don’t know, I am a tier 2 helpdesk rep for an ISP. This took place on Wednesday. Essentially, this was a call that an agent got and called me for assistance. I will be Me, agent will be A and customer will be C.

A: Thank you for calling ISP, this is A.

C: Yeah, hi. My internet is not working. Could it be the fact that the pole is on fire?

A: Did you just say the pole is on fire?

C: Yes.

A: Have you called the fire department?

C: No. What does the fire department have to do with my internet? I need my internet.

A: Please hold.

Calls Me

Me: Tier 2, u/devdevo1919.

A: Hi, this is A. We have a customer here reporting a pole on fire.

Me: Have they called the fire department?

A: …no. Can you check to make sure this is affecting their service?

Me: Um. Why haven’t they called the fire department?

A: They need their internet.

Me: Hang on. Please hold.

10 minutes later

Me: Okay, so, I’ve made some calls and determined that: There is very heavy rain in this area. A transformer on this pole overloaded and blew up setting the pole on fire. It has also burned the cables coming and going from this pole. This has currently taken out just over 100 clients including this moron customer you have on the phone. Please advise them that this is an outage and the fire department has been called.

A: Thank you, u/devdevo1919!

Me: No problem.

A returns to their customer

Me: two facepalms and a facedesk

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