How sure are you?

To preface this the customer was awesome during the initial part of our call before I actually provided troubleshooting steps. However throughout the call even when things got hair they remained calm about everything that transpired.

Legend: Me = Me, Cx = Customer.

Me: Alright, so there are a few steps I’d like for us to take just to be sure that none of the data is elsewhere that is accessible by you. In order to do this I want to make sure we have a backup of what is on your device currently so that we can restore it back to this state once we’re done if you choose to do that.
Cx: I already did that with the previous T2 advisor.
Me: Oh I’m sorry, I do see here you have another case with us for this issue.
Cx: Yes, I spoke with them just before I was handed off to someone else who handed it off to you.
Me: *looks through notes, not see too much detail (figures)* Alright sir, for our records before we can continue I do want to do this and notate the results as I am not see that here from the other advisor.
Cx: Well I’m telling you we did, is that not good enough? Is my word not good enough?
Me: I understand that you’re telling me these steps have been taken and I would love to take your word for it but in order to have this done properly and not require a repeat of steps at a late date I would like to perform them now so that we can continue.
Cx: Well I’m telling you it’s not going to give me back what I lost, I’m 110% sure.
*customer was unable to give any details about the backup they had used with the previous advisor*
Me: Alright sir, if you do not wish to troubleshoot with me I do have to ask that you reach out to the previous advisor you spoke with.
Cx: Why would I do that? They sent me to someone else, and then to you. Are you just trying to get rid of me?
Me: No I am not sir, but if you’re unwilling to follow the steps to I’ve provided I cannot remain on the line with you.
Cx: So you’re assuming I don’t want to work with you? The other advisor was 100% sure that all my data was suppose to be in here, are you as sure as they were? I enjoyed that about them. Let me speak to your supervisor.
Me: I cannot escalate this to my supervisor they would not be able to provide any troubleshooting and they do not take customer relation calls. If you’d like to continue troubleshooting please call in again, I will have to disconnect from the line.

Customer continues on about what data is suppose to be saved and asking me if I agree with it, twisting my words, asign for my sup, asking for all my work info and location, etc then finally gets the hint they aren’t getting anywhere if they don’t work with me so we end the call. I was following what needed to be done before it could be escalated above me but the customer refused so I can’t escalate it unless all the boxes are ticked and yields a result (whether good or bad).

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