I don’t give that information out on the phone.

I work for a health insurance company. For reference I work for the company itself but we use a software maintained by a 3rd party. Said 3rd is not allowed access to social security numbers, so we cannot use them in my department either. Onto the tale, of an inbound call.

Me: Hello my name is Torrey with INSURANCE, thank you for calling, how can I help you?

Him: Yeah I missed a call from you guys, so I was calling back.

Me: Alright, do you have your reference number that we left on a voicemail?

Him: No, I didn’t listen to the whole thing.

Me: Okay, how about your ID on your INSURANCE card?

Him: I don’t have that with me. Can you pull me up with my social security number?

Me: We don’t actually use social security numbers in this department. Can I get your name and date of birth?

Him: That’s too personal, I don’t give that information out on the phone.

Me: Well sorry sir, without the reference number, ID number, or name and date of birth, I am unable to find your case in our system.

Him: I’ll call back later when I have my card I guess.

Me: Sounds good. Thank you for calling, bye bye.

Him: Bye

So you’re willing to give me your social security number but not name and date of birth? Which I would still have to verify no matter how I pull you up? Okay dude.

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