Does this call center job sound like a scam?

I got an interview tomorrow with a local call center. The parent company sells mechanical equipment for heavy machinery and the call center child company handles incoming calls from customers about warranties, part ordering, and the like.

That all sounds legit but this is where it got a weird vibe from me.

First, the pay is “salary” by week? It’s $425-525 a week depending on experience.

Second, they NEED to fill all positions by the end of the business day tomorrow because it’s a new location in my town.

Third, all the reviews(8, all 5 Star) rave about earning vacations, bonuses, and a great work environment.

Fourth, the Facebook page is filled with just stuff about earning vacations, bonuses, trips with employees, and taking care of their employees with lunch and parties.

Is this going to end up being a scam or just a shitty workplace and this is all makeup to look pretty for potential employees? I’m worried about the weekly salary because, I don’t want to end up working 70 or 80 hours for $425.

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