Find her and tell her to get back to her desk NOW!!!

Hello! Short time lurker, since I only started my first job in a call center a couple of months ago, and first time poster, since boy do I already have some stories to tell.

I’m currently at a pet insurance call center. In this story from a few days ago, me=me and CYL=crazy yelling lady.

Me: Thank you for calling -company-, my name is afertise, how may I help you?

CYL: I just spoke with Nicole, and I need to talk to her right NOW!!!

Me: Okay, I can see if she’s available, may I ask who I’m speaking with?

CYL: Crazyyellinglady, and you need to get me over to Nicole, now!!!

I check the log, the agent she’s asking for just went on lunch.

Me: I’m sorry, Nicole is not available right now, but is there anything I can help you with?


Me: I understand, she just went on her break but she should be back soon.


Me: I can ask her to give you a call as soon as she’s back, or I can see if I can help you.

CYL: NO! You go find her and tell her she needs to get back to her desk, RIGHT. NOW!!!

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do that, but I’d be happy to have her call you back.

CYL: This is ridiculous! Give me her email address!

Me: I don’t have that information.

Of course I do, but I’m not giving out this poor girl’s email to this crazy bitch.

CYL: Then give me her extension!

Me: We don’t have extensions-


Me: Ma’am, I do not have that information.

This time, I really don’t have that information.

CYL: Then go get her and make her get back to her desk, NOW!!!

Me: I can’t-


Me: Ma’am, I. can’t. do. that.

CYL: You are completely USELESS! hangs up

So many things about this conversation were so bizarre. The agent was not at her desk, and even if I knew where she was, who the fuck is this woman demanding that I ask her to come off her break and get back on the phone, especially to be screamed at by a crazy bitch? The request for her personal contact info was the icing on the shit cake that this call was.

Anyway, I emailed the agent about it and she called the woman back – turns out she was pissed because the agent had told her she’d email her her documents and she “didn’t” receive them. Except she did. She checked a different email inbox than the one she’d asked them to be sent to.

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