Useless colleagues

Sorry peeps but I have to rant today.

We get calls often from third party people who work for places that are not part of our business. They get people to sign up to them and use their services by playing on negative, old fears about our business, implying bullshit about us in their advertising (which we can’t do shit about). They are a bunch of ripoff artists- people can do exactly the same thing they offer with us for free.

In short, most of us hate dealing with them but we gots ta be professional y’all.

So……call gets cold transferred to me today with one of them.

  • No account or identifying information
  • No details of the person I was speaking to
  • transfer notes said they had a query about blah but it was something completely different that the other officer COULD have dealt with
  • transferred to the wrong queue anyway.

They only transferred because they didn’t want to deal with it and have their call time blow out. They literally just took info from the agent (they told me they gave it to the csr), did not bother writing it down and then flicked it off. No proper questioning about the query clearly!. It is the suckiest call to get but ffs suck it up and dont fob it off to make it someone elses problem. Not effing cool dude,

Rant done – almost the weekend my call centre solider in arms!

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