A "Decent" Person

So I just had to share this little gem from a few weeks ago. I work in a clinic helping patients with insurance issues. A co-worker sent me the information of a patient who was in a very tough spot. She was disabled and had Medicaid through her disability.

She had congestive heart failure and as well as a plethora of other health conditions and was in need of a large amount of follow-up appointments and referrals. Unfortunately, Medicaid obtained through disability in our state only pays for a maximum of 12 doctor’s appointments per fiscal year.

I called up the patient to get some more information about her income and assets to see if she might qualify for another Medicaid category that didn’t have appointment limits. After speaking with her for a few minutes I determine that she could potentially qualify for another type of Medicaid without limits; however, it would have required her to give up her disability determination from Social Security as well as her disability income which she didn’t want to do.

She starts to get hysterical and tearful and rant about how she’s a good citizen that doesn’t want go be a leech and she’s always falling through the cracks and I truly felt sad and sorry for her. All my sympathy went out the window when she came out with this line though:

“If I was a minority or an illegal I would get all those benefits no problem. But no! Because I’m a decent person who follows the law and happens to be white, I get nothing while all the benefits goes to those who don’t deserve it.”

Never mind that illegal aliens cannot obtain any benefits in my state, but yeah whatever lady. You do you.

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