So, sorry about formatting – I am just too lazy..

Sorry, just have to get this out of my system..

So I’ve been getting calls lately from a CC company in FL – mind you, I live in Germany, but I have an American number ’cause I’m there so often – and after the first few times telling them I don’t have a CC with them, I just stopped answering their calls.

Just now I was so fed up that I decided I’ll answer again and tell them again to please take my number out of their system.. I was a bit rough but not necessarily rude, I just came straight to the point, before I could even get the sentence out of my mouth that they should take my number out of the system the rep hangs up on me.

Somehow I have a feeling I will get another call…

I know this is a recycled number ’cause I’ve been getting calls from grandmas, pharmacies and such..

Thanks for letting me vent. Y’all have a good night!

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I didnt work calls,but I sat next to pharmacy call center while our office was being renovated. Work for major health insurance company ( bring the hate).

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