I didnt work calls,but I sat next to pharmacy call center while our office was being renovated. Work for major health insurance company ( bring the hate).

Here are some of the more interesting calls I happened to over hear. We work with Medicare and Medicaid mainly. ‘Sir, its a controlled substance….we filled a thirty day supply seven days ago…we cant waiver narcotics…do whatever you think is right, sir’ she pops her head over cubicle. He said if we didnt fill his pain pill, he’d have to go get some heroin. ‘Yes mam but we only cover a certIn amount of Viagra evey month’ At this point, the lady is getting so irate, i can hear her screaming. ‘ 30…75…lonely. ‘ Yes mam.’ 45 years…need…30..imagine?’ ‘Yes I can sympathize, but we do not cover 30 pills a month…hello?’ Me: shes obviously trying to kill him. May I have your medicare ID? MEDICARE ID…. Its on the front of your….ok…lets try something else, your name? NAME? NAM- no mam…this isnt your grand daughter…’

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So you are refusing to get the doctor for me? Yes.