Genuine question about polling sites

Today I called the toll-free customer support line, as I was trying a polling platform for the first time and couldn’t locate a few functions. I did try to look for it for a while, but I couldn’t find the answer in FAQ. Granted, I did not spend a large amount of time trying before I contacted the customer support. The guy who answered the call seemed very annoyed that I called to ask for help with this. I let him go rather than escalating, maybe it’s just that dude, I’ll try again. Next guy informed me that phone and e-mail support is only for those on paid plans, but that he has a few minutes. He still helped me, but talked way too fast, he just wanted me off that call. It just left me with a bad impression of the support, even though I like the platform so far. I am considering going on a paid plan, but this is for work, so this would have to be approved as an expense. Thoughts? Is this common that customer support for a platform is reserved for those on a paid plan? Maybe I am the one who is ignorant, as it is my first time making an account on a polling platform.

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