The day life changed.

Last week, the start of the day was just like any other at work, that is until two Managing directors in charge of contact centres pay us a visit and demand that all Team managers at the centre come in for a meeting. I think you know this is not good news.

Cut a long story short, we are told the call centre will no longer be taking calls in 8 weeks time. We will continue to work for another year working through the backlog of PPI claims, after which the centre will close and we will all be out of work.

I am absolutely gutted. Worked so hard on working up the ladder all for no reason. NOthing in the area to move to within the bank. A few branch vacancies but no chance of getting those.

Some people have worked at that centre for 20+ years. Others a few years until retirement having pensions messed up. People like myself are broken and devestated. Some are happy as they been looking for an excuse to leave. Atmosphere is terrible, struggle to do job properly. Not sleeping well.

At least I can be comforted that “The decision was not an easy one and we did not take it lightly.” the same bull I have to give customers when they find out their branch is closing.

Wages are great, all the added benefits we get will be missed and I doubt anyone gives as good as I get now. At least I have I 14 months notice. I will be staying to last day to get max amount of redundancy and qualifying for share schemes I paid into.

Job for life I was told. Oh well.

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