Why call help desk if you are so sure of yourself?

I am floor support/mod/help desk for my call center. I admit that I have not been at this company as long as many others in my position(2 years total compared to their 10+), but I was hand picked for this position by management. I didn’t ask for it.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone calls in on the help desk line, asks me a really simple question, and then tells me that I’m wrong when I answer it.

I’ll try to be as specific as I can here I can as to what actually happened. me: Hey! what’s going on? Coworker: How to I turn the sound back on on this device? me: That device doesn’t have an option for that, just replace. coworker: No, I’ve done it before with this device. hangs up on me I found out a little later when I messaged one of my colleagues who’s been there longer than me (because she’d made me doubt myself) that the girl I’d just been talking to had ended up messaging him directly with the same question…

only to be told the same thing I had just told her. This honestly happens too often. most of the time I just let it roll off my back, but this time she just really pissed me off with how dismissive she was.

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