‘Oh, we don’t use titles’

When the relevant software is working, I get the customer details up on my screen as they call in. The other day I saw this name in place of the usual Mr John Smith format- Dawn Dawn Dawn. I hadn’t come across this before but was able to go through ID etc.

It turns out the caller’s very, very upset because she got a letter from us addressed to Mrs Dawn Dawn, and not just ‘Dawn’. Apparently she and her husband don’t use titles, or surnames. When they got married in the 80s they decided that they would be known only by first names. I found this interesting and asked if there was any sort of philosophical or religious reasoning behind it- apparently not, they just ‘liked the idea’.

Now yes, personal freedom etc, but all I could think is that for 30+ years that couple have been making their own lives and those of anyone trying to deal with them in any customer service capacity unnecessarily difficult by insisting on using a name they know won’t fit on any forms. They probably get a buzz out of being shocked and offended every time someone gets it wrong though.

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I’ve only been doing this for six weeks.

Is it a compliment it an insult?