I’ve only been doing this for six weeks.

  • The assholes that purposely give information faster than it can be understood or typed, then when asked to repeat it do so just as fast with a huge judgemental sigh. Inevitably, these same people are driving on the freeway with their convertible top down, on speakerphone.

  • The people who CANNOT focus on the task at hand and get continuously sidetracked and repeat themselves and then become angry that the call is taking so long.

  • The angry, old, war veterans who need to establish their power before making assumptions about the service and embarrassing themselves–leading to more anger, embarrassment and abuse.

  • The ones who are completely unprepared for the call and have to search for every bit of information and are also in a hurry and blame everyone but themselves for their situation.

I don’t hate these people, I pity them. I can only imagine what the rest of their lives are like–unaware why people around them are alienated and distant, unwilling to take responsibility and therefore feeling out of control, unable to express or feel genuine empathy for anyone or a very few.

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