So you are refusing to get the doctor for me? Yes.

10 minutes left. My line rings. I pick up this is the following bullshit that ensued. Well skip the part where I get his info since that went without issue.



C-“Yea just have Dr X call me back its personal.” M-“Ok,well Dr x is not on call tonight but if you need a call back tonight I can reach out to Dr Y for you.”

C-“No I need Dr X its important.”

Now two things at this point. 1. the caller is also a doctor so hes trying to do the thing a lot of doctors do when they want to bypass us and try to flex that they are a doctor so these rules don’t apply to them. They do. Also, he is calling at 9:50pm so he basically wants me to call a doctor that isn’t even on call for a “personal issue”. Maybe if it was right after they closed and he was nice about it I would’ve reached out to who he was looking for but at the time he called and with the attitude I wasn’t going out of my way.

M-“OK well I can’t do that its almost 10pm and that doctor was not even on call today I can either call Dr Y or leave a message for the morning and have him call you then.”

C-“So you are refusing to get the dr for me?”

Another side note,what he is doing is trying to scare me into just calling the doctor but i’ve doing this way too long and that doesn’t phase me

M-“I am refusing to page a doctor that’s not on call at 10pm at night that is correct. Would you like to speak with Dr Y or should I leave a message for the morning for Dr X.” C-“Leave a message for the morning and I will speak with the office about you tomorrow,whats your first and last name?!”

So I give him my name and operator number and he hangs up. He called the office and complained and when they called just to see what happened they got me and when I explained they just laughed and called him a moron. Another small possibly petty victory for me but I figured I would share with you all.

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