"Mr" Lastname?

in my place of work we have (as many other callcenters) a predefined greeting.


it ends with:

“….You are talking with firstname Lastname…”


1) So – i am female – my voice sounds female.

2) My firstname has the same first letter, as the word for mister in my language.

3) All other letters are different.

4) My name has more syllables than the word for mister.

5) And my firstname is not uncommon here and rather typical (in school in one class we had three girls with this firstname). Also it is clearly a female fristname (i know no male names similar sounding)

6) my language is my native tongue and i grew up in a city with rather little dialect.


But a few times a month i get this (or a similar) scenario:


Me: (greeting)..You are Talking with Firstname Lastname

Caller:…silence…..(irritatet) Mr Lastname?

(sometimes not irritatet, sometimes instead with a snicker).

Me: No, (very clearly pronounced:) Firstname (short Pause) Lastname

Caller: (irritatet or insecure silence)

Me: “Firstname”, thats a first name

Caller: But you sound female

Me: Yes i am – its not Mister, its Firstname, my first name. How can i help you?/With whom are i speaking?

Caller: (short silence in which i tend to imagine the sound of some dropping pennies, but they tend to be a little wary in the call with me) im calling because….


since this happened the first time, i pronounce my greeting especially clear – but it still happens.


i think – they do not really listen – and it happens only few times a month (but still…)

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