Excerpts from a review I left for my last job seeing that it will probably not pass review to be submitted to Glassdoor.

Negatives about the company:

As a disclaimer, I worked at this company for 5 and 1/2 months. My average performance percentages were 99.7%, 94%, and 98%. This compares to the averages of low to mid 80%, I was by no means a slacking employee.

That said, I hate this company and the atmosphere of emotional abuse and harassment that it condones.

Let’s start with the basics. What they tell you is that you will be answering client calls and cataloging notes in related accounts. You will be investigating fraud and submitting those investigations to departments for cases to be opened. You will be assisting customers in confirming payment information and the ordering of new cards. All of this is correct. All of this is also skewed to be untrue.

Now let’s talk about what you will actually do and put up with at this company: This company partners with Child Support and issues out these pre paid debit cards that Child Support will load the money onto.

Let’s be clear: Anything and everything that goes wrong or is inconvenient for these parents, they will call you about and berate you, and you have to take it all.

They will tell you in training that “we are messing with their money and their kids so they will get agitated.” What that means: “we make it so that we can charge them every fee under the sun and then blame it on Child Support so that we can continue to collect funds.”

Not everything is the company fault, maybe 95%. The other 5% is when two things typically happened: They lose their card for the 5th time in three months and want you to replace it for free (yes this happens all the time) or they can’t manage the $12,000 they get from baby daddy’s tax return and blow it all in a month and want you to go over every transaction ever made to find who stole their money.

Oh let me remind you, you have to keep your call average time to 3 minutes or less otherwise you get written up. Keep that in mind as you read the rest of this review if you’re still not convinced that this job is of Satan’s Hellfire.

During a typical call, you have to verify three things in order to verify a caller. SSN (yes we have to ask for that over the phone in order to pull up the account), first and last name, and the address on their file. The addresses were the WORST. Some of these people move around 18 times a year (yes I had this one time), there is no way that they will know the address we have. They certainly won’t be able to tell you in under three minutes. If they don’t know the address they are considered unverified and we cannot help them, we also cannot escalate them to management because management won’t talk to someone who is not a cardholder. They have to contact Child Support to figure out what address Child Support have to us and then call back and verify so we can assist. Sounds great already, right?

Three kinds of callers to watch out for: young mothers from Florida, anyone who calls from Connecticut (seriously, Connecticut has the rudest people I’ve ever had the displeasure of wasting air on), and little old grandmothers from North Carolina. These callers were my personal worst but difficult people from other states would call in and try to compete with that raking from time to time.

My worst callers were NC grandmothers who thought I was the ground that they could waddle over on their canes for wasting their time because most were retired and taking care of daughter’s kids because she was legally unfit or just irresponsible.

Connecticut speaks for itself, vile, ugly, and disrespectful waste of oxygen.

Young mothers from Florida basically got mad when you told them anything that they didn’t like and processed to try to bully you on YOUR phone line. Cussing up and down, running up your call time just because you can’t reactivate a lost card so she can renew her Netflix account with her Child Support money (yes this happened constantly).

Management was equally but possibly more horrid than the callers. The callers were partially so bad because the company would put them in that situation to begin with. You tend to figure that out in your first two weeks.

I had management consistently tell me to purposely negate information and blatantly lie to callers in order to get them off the line to take the next caller. We were not allowed to tell callers times when their cards were to arrive even if we had access to tracking information (which you do for express cards). By the way, standard shipping normally is 7-10 business days. “Express” shipping is 3-5 business days. Callers got mad that too, of course but that was the company’s policy.

We were not allowed to say that fraud was on the accounts if we noticed it. If they said that they did not make a transaction and that it was fraud, we could open a dispute unless they explicitly asked for it. Even if they did, we had to tell them to file a police report before we could file the dispute. Management screwed me a few times on this, they would tell you this but then throw you under the bus during reviews if you did it. There was a lot of that at the company.

I could go on, but I hope you get the idea.

TL;DR: If you value yourself as a person who deserves respect, do not take this job. You will be disrespected by the callers and the company you work for everyday you work multiple times a day. Worse job I’ve ever had, and arguably ever will have.

Advice to Management:

I could say vile things just like the vile, ugly, and profane things that I was forced to endure at your company. But I won’t. I don’t swear. Good thing I’m creative.

This company deserves to burn. The amount of solid trash that this company spews to their customers and forces us to reinforce is astonishing. Honestly, you guys deserve a medal. A medal barrel to dump all your contracts in and burn them for how disgraceful and deceitful this company is.

I once had a mother call in and tell me that her son was in the hospital for the past week and a half and that he had died during that time. You know what could have saved him? I bet you do. She called in to order a new card, we ordered one for her and it got lost. I hear you saying “well that’s on the shipping company not us.” Sure. Sure it is. But you know what? She had the old card, she found it and we wouldn’t permit the reactivation of her old card in order to allow access to her money.

She called outside the hospital room where her kid died wanting on money that you heartless scum wouldn’t release to her based on policy. I get policy, I do. I also get exceptions to policy. This was an exception, and I had to listen to this mother scream at ME for YOUR ridiculous policy.

She cried and yelled for 28 minutes. I didn’t end the call, I didn’t offer a card, I didn’t even request management so she yell at someone else because management follows the rules that the company sets up.

I listened to her. Waited for her to calm, and listened some more and she detailed day by day of what she had to endure as she waited to a solution that you refused to give her.

She hung up herself after she exhausted herself and you know what? I just took the next call with a little shake in my voice, but nothing else betrayed what I just heard.

You people, you disgusting people, desensitized me to the point that I was capable of going through that and just taking the next call. I hope you’re happy because I will never forget that.

I truly loath and distain you in a way I never have felt before for anything else. I will be happy to help bring this company down once you finally get what is coming to you.

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