Do I know you?

My call started out pretty normal but the customer just got creepier towards the end and kind of tried using a “seductive voice”.

Me- Me Customer- C

After I say my greeting and verify his info

Me: how can I help you today?

C: yeah I just had a few questions about your driving app. I’m missing some trips and I’m not sure why.

Me: oh I’m sorry to hear that, did you make sure you had 2 phone settings on?

C: yeah but lately I haven’t because my phone keeps automatically turning those settings off for some reason.

Me: oh that’s strange, if you haven’t already restarted your phone, I would probably talk to your phone carrier if I were you.

C: is there anything else I can do to see those trips?

Me: yes, for the trips you did have those settings turned on for, you can delete/reinstall the app and the trips should show up within 24 hrs. If not, please call us back so we can escalate that issue.

C: yeah yeah I will. Hey you sound REALLY familiar, do I know you? Where are you located?

Looking at this guy’s contact information, he’s 30 yrs older than me, never heard of his name and he lives in a state I’ve never been to.

Me: hmm I don’t think so sir, I live in state really far away from him.

C: huh, I feel like I know you, like I dated you or I would date you.

Me: … um ok. Do you still need help with the app or is there anything else I can help with?

C: No sexy, (he pauses for about 3 seconds but felt so much longer), I mean koalaplum.

Me: Ok great have a nice day thanks for calling company name.

I could not say my good bye quicker. I felt icky after that call.

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