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I work in a all in one support call center for an ISP. We are all trained on everything, but I tend to get mostly tech based calls, because I am pretty good at those, even when they are out of scope…

DC: Dear Customer ME: Me

Me: thank you for calling how can I help you? DC: Send someone to fix my TV

We do offer TV Service maybe in scope. Get account details, and see DC does not have TV with us, just Internet.

ME: What exactly is wrong with your TV? I see you don’t have TV service with us. Is it a smart TV that you are trying to connect to the Internet?

DC: NO! I just got a new TV and need you to send someone to plug it in. ME: That is out side of our scope, but I can try to talk you through it. DC: NO! SEND SOMEONE OUT NOW! PLUG IN MY TV AND T UP MY NETFLIX!

ME: (as nice as I can) I am so sorry we can not do that. DC: MAKE IT WORK YOU”RE THE INTERNET ME: Exactly, we do support for the Internet. Can you connect to the Internet? DC: Yes my internets is fine. ME: Happy to hear sounds like all of our products are working! What else can we do? DC Send someone to do my TV! Me: Sorry we are not allowed to touch devices owned by you. DC: I authorize you to do that. ME: That is really nice but our company can not authorize this.


ME: I wish I could help you but you but that is completely out of our scope. Do you really want a stranger to touch your TV when they have no idea how to work it, then do you want to give a stranger your passwords?

Sorry just needed to vent

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