Customer pissed I needed to review his account.

I work for a utility company as a senior CSR. I got a call from a gentleman who has requested to transfer his services from one address to another. He was annoyed from the get go.

He will be Rude Man (RM) and I will be Me.

Me: Thank you for calling X Utilities, This is SpookyCatMischief, how may I help you?

RM: I want to transfer my services.

Me: I can certainly assist you with this! Let me just verify the account. May I have you name?

RM: Rude.

Me: … Okay. May I have your last name as well?

RM: In irritated tone Man.

I continue verifying the account. Part of our quality guidelines is checking notes for the past 60 days and giving 2 commitment statements.

Me: I am going to just check your notes and then I will be able to transfer your services. I pull up his oldest note within 60 days. He has 24 notes within the last 60 days. I only get as far as the first one

RM: You don’t need to verify my notes!

Me: I am sorry, this is part of my verification but I promise it will be a quick review.

RM: I never called about this before! Can I do this online?!

Me: Yes. You certainly have that option. I proceed to explain how to navigate to that feature on the website.

RM: Will it be faster than you since nobody has to verify my notes?

Me: Depending on your speed, that may be the case.

RM: You know what?! I want your supervisor, you cu…condecending person.

At this point I offer the customer a supervisor callback (as per our procedure and the fact all the centers supervisors were just returning from a meeting and not avaliable) and look at the note I had pulled up early. He had cursed and and yelled at that agent as well. The note also indicates he had attempted fraud with 4 different responses to one of the verifications on the account and 3 of a different type of verification, prompting a request from us for an ID to be sent in. He absolutly refuses to be called back.

I won’t go into full details as this story is already quite lengthy but as I need to leave my desk to find a supervisor (because none were logged into chat since they were just returning from the meeting) I needed to place him on hold. He refused to give me permission. I need permission to apply proper Hold Ettiquate by Quality standards. Eventually he stopped replying and I just placed him on hold and prayed that Quality didn’t listen to this call. No supervisors were visible except one, who was already with another agent. Eventually, my supervisor walks by and tells me to just transfer to her line and she will call back.

I transfer and review the rest of the account. He has been so rude to so many agents! He has yelled, he has cursed, he has insulted one of our Spanish reps for having an accent and he doesn’t want to speak to anyone with an accent.

Just…wow. I see why he didn’t want me reviewing his notes.

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