Just like the government

So I have been extra crabby lately…. I am having surgery tomorrow on my leg and I was asked to not take my usual pain medication in preparation for that so I’m not feeling great. That’s my excuse for why I snapped at this guy lol.

The call started out with me helping him navigate his web account to look at some billing items. As a rule of thumb, my department will walk you through about 3 or 4 invoices and then we will ask that you look the rest up on your own. It’s not hard, most people just need someone to guide them through a couple and they’ve got the hang of it. This guy, not so much. After about 5 or 6 items, I told him I couldn’t go through any more because I have a lot of calls (true) and as long as he did everything else exactly the way we just did, he would have no problem.

Caller: But I have more.

Me: Yes sir, I understand, but if I went through every item with every caller like you’re asking me to, I won’t be able to help anyone else. Just do it the way I showed you and I assure you that you’ll get the information you need.

C:….Fine. Also, why hasn’t anyone updated my bank information yet?

Me: Sorry?

C: I sent the form a couple of weeks and nothing has been updated.

Me: Well, there’s no update on my end, so that makes me think we didn’t get your fax. It only takes a couple of days to update, so my recommendation is to resend it and follow up by the end of the week.

C: laughing

Me: confused but waiting for him to say something

C: This is crazy. You’re just like the government. laughs again

This is where I started to catch a bit of an attitude, lol.

Me: sarcastically I’m like the government?

C: Yeah!

M: Alright then.

C: I send you something and even though I have PROOF I sent it, you’ll tell me that you didn’t receive it. I HAVE THE TRANSMISSION PAGE.

Me: Those are confirmation the fax was sent, not that it was received. Please send it to us again at (fax number), and call back by Friday to confirm the update has been made.

C: angrily pushing fax machine buttons That’s where I sent it before!!

Me: I believe you.

C: We’ll see what happens to you when your company loses all of us because you treat your business partners like GARBAGE.

Me: over it I am here to help you. If all you’re going to do is sit here and talk to me like this I’m going to hang up. Do you have any more questions for me?

C: You could look up some more invoices with me, that would be helpful at least.

Me: Thanks for calling. disconnect

Oh it felt so good. After typing it out it feels petty, but he was a douchebag.

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