Things I hate part 2

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  1. Me: How can I assist today Ms. Customer?

Customer: No it’s DR. Customer.

2.Me: Okay can I just confirm your account number?

Customer: I am not in my office so I can’t verify that!

Me: Okay then do you have your debit card number or tax ID?

Customer: What part of I’m not in my office don’t you understand?! (So call when you get to your office???)

  1. Me: Okay can you just verify your username? Customer: Why do you need my username?

Me: To check the status of the online wire you sent.

Customer: I already told you the status of the wire! It says it’s pending!

Me: okay but you asked me why it’s pending and in order to see that I need your username.

Customer: it’s imadumbass.

Me: OK now what’s the amount of the wire?

Customer: why do you need that?

  1. Me: can I verify your address including city state and zip code?

Customer: It’s derp st.

Me: whats the city state and zip code.

Customer: Virginia.

Me: ……what’s the city and zip code?

Customer: Derpville.

Me: Sir what’s the zip code?

Customer: 12345.

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