Ask me to repeat something and then make fun of the way I say it

So I got to hang up on someone for the first time, woo. I’ll save you all the technical parts, basically he was upset over how long our payment process takes. He had a big group stay at his hotel for a while, had billed us in installments, so we were paying in installments.

C: This isn’t right! I shouldn’t have to wait this long to be paid!

Me: We have to give the company time to respond to the bill just like we give you time to bill us.

C: So? The gas company doesn’t care, if I don’t pay then they shut me off. Why should I care about your excuses??

Me: These are the terms you agreed to in your contract.

C: Well what are you going to tell my staff when I can’t pay them and they turn off my water??

Me: If you are unhappy with our payment process, we have other programs that you could sign up for that will pay in advance for a small fee.

C: So you can steal more money from me?? No thanks. I do your company a favor by taking your people and this is the way I’m treated. I’ll just cut you all off.

Me: That’s fine, I can get you to someone to discuss your contract.

C: AFTER I’m paid. Now get me someone who can make a decision.

Me: My supervisor is not at her desk right now, I can get you to her voicemail, though. She’ll call you back as soon as she can, but there is no one here who can expedite this for you. You will have to wait a little longer for payment.

C: NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Don’t you have a CEO down there? Give me their number.

Me: They cannot be reached directly.

C: Then give me their email!

Me: No.


Me: I will get you to my supervisor’s voicemail or you can call back later and try to catch her. Those are your options today.

C: Give me her name.

Me: Boss Lady.

C: Spell it!

Me: B-o-s-s L-a-d-y.

C: I want her direct number!

Me: Her extension is 1234.

C: 1-2 what??

Me: 3. 4.

C: If that’s the number just say it right the first time! 1-2-3-4 it’s easy! What’s wrong with you, why can’t you just say it clearly? They shouldn’t hire people who stutter and can’t-

I hit the release button and sent my boss a message explaining what happened, and that I am not paid to sit on the phone and be personally insulted. I said what I had to say, he wanted to to keep arguing and get personal, the conversation was not going anywhere so I hung up. My boss agreed 100%, called him and said the same thing I did. Apparently he was much nicer on the supervisor call (surprise). Honestly I wish I had sent it to my boss’s voicemail instead of hanging up, but he annoyed me enough that I just hit it without even really thinking and went to the next call.

Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

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