Comprehension is extremely hard.

Hey Guys! I just got off the phone with this person I had to come post it here because the frustration was too real. Sometimes I wonder why I work in a call center in the first place. Backstory: I work in a billing office for a healthcare company. City names have been changed.

Me: “Hi thanks for calling mycompany this is myheartintoxifies, how can I help you today?”

Caller: “I received a bill in the mail and I’m worried I haven’t paid it”

Me: “okay what is the account number on the top of your bill”

Caller: “there isn’t one”

Me: “Are you sure you are looking at a bill from mycompany?”

Caller: “Yes I have the bill in front of me.”

Me: “Well all of our bills have an account number listen on the top of the bill highlighted.”

Caller: “I don’t have a bill from you though? I just have an EOB from my insurance”

Me: internally screams “Okay, no worries. Let me look you up by your last name and date of birth.”

looks up patient

Me: “okay, I have you pulled up in the system. What date of service are we looking at here?”

Caller: “January 12, 2018”

Me: “I just want to clarify, you said January 12, 2018 correct?”

Caller: “that’s correct”

Me: “Sir, I’m not showing any 2018 dates of service for you at all. Which location were you seen at”

Caller: “I was seen at the one in Rockford”

Me: “okay, I’m looking at the billing for them right now and you have not been seen at mycompany in Rockford since 2017″

Caller: “yeah that is correct.”

Me: internally screams even more “so the date of service we are looking at ISN’T for January 12, 2018”

Caller: “No, it is”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to follow what you are saying. You state that the date of service is January 12, 2018 but then you just stated you have not been seen at mycompany in Rockford since 2017.”

Caller: “Well the services weren’t done at mycompany in Rockford. They were done at companythatisnotmine in Standford.”

Me: refrains from ending the call right now “Okay sir, just to clarify once more, the services you are calling about are for January 12, 2018 which was done at companythatisnot mine in Stanford?”

Caller: “Yes”

Me: “Okay sir, well I am unable to help you as I do not do billing for them. You called mycompany not companythatisnotmine so I cannot see what they bill for. You are going to have to contact companythatisnotmine directly to ask them questions regarding services done in their facilities. Thanksforcallingmycompanyhaveagreatrestoftyourday” hangs up phone before he could say another word

I just don’t understand how some people can be so dumb.

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