Some people don’t want a solution to their complaint, they want the complaint.

Working on an online banking helpdesk for a large bank. At the time we offered a good interest rate on a savings account which you could only get through online banking. A customer called saying this was discrimination:

CUST: This is discrimination. I don’t have online banking so I am being discriminated against by being denied this interest rate.

ME: We’re not denying you the rate, I can get you activated for online banking for free, then you can open the account.

CUST: But I don’t want online banking, you’re making me do something against my will to benefit from this rate. I shouldn’t be put through such stress.

ME: To be fair sir, by choosing not to use online banking you’re choosing not to benefit from the rate. We’re not preventing you from having online banking, we’re even offering it to you. You’re just declining it.

CUST: Ok then, I don’t have the internet. So now you are discriminating against me for not having the internet. You’re saying I have to pay for the internet every month just to get this rate.

ME: Actually, all public libraries offer free internet access. So you don’t even have to pay for or have the internet at home. Honestly sir, there is nothing preventing you from having this savings account other than your own choosing. Would you like me to get you set up for the online banking then?

CUST: Forget it, the rate isn’t even that good.

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