Refund it, but do it my way.

(Generic opening stuff.) Me: Alright mam, from what I’ve read here the delivery team called you and said they were going to be about an hour outside of time frame. I did call dispatch and learned that they got hung up at a stop prior to yours. Will you be available at 9PM. I know that’s a bit late.

Caller: My first appointment for my washer, they were 40 minutes late too. Did you know that?

Me: No mam, I only have information about today’s delivery. And the team just got hung up at a prior stop.

Caller: That’s not what they told me.

Me: Oh? What did they tell you?

Caller: They told me that the team was going to be late and that they did not know why.

Me: I see. That is what they shared with me as well.

Caller: You said they got hung up at a prior stop.

Me: Yes, mam. That is the team being delayed.

Caller: You said they were hung up.

Me: Yes, mam. The delay is that they got hung up. I am sorry they used different words, but that is what happen.

Caller: Well, 9PM is unacceptable. I want it here tomorrow morning.

Me: I am very sorry mam, the routes for tomorrow have already been locked in. If someone 18 or older is not going to be present tonight we will need to reschedule once the truck has been checked in.

Caller: Nope. Nope. Just cancel my order then. You guys suck. Just cancel it. I’m done.

Me: Yes, mam. I understand you are looking to cancel. However, the order is out in the field right now. As a result the warehouse has your order in a locked status. I am not going to able to cancel until tomorrow.

Caller: rant of foul language and how crappy my company is You better call me tomorrow to cancel.

Me: Yes mam. Click

(Time goes by, I come in today -next day-and call her)

Me: Alright mam, the truck has been checked in. Did you still want to cancel or would you be okay with delivery on 3/3?

Caller: Just cancel it.

Me: Yes mam, I will cancel your order and refund it to the method of purchase.

Caller: (This is where the super DERP starts) How do you plan to do that?

Me: I’m going to cancel the order in my sales system and then pull through our POS here to refund you.

Caller: And what card are you going to put it on? (THIS IS A SET UP)

Me: The card that was used to purchase the order mam.

Caller: Well…I used three cards to purchase this.

Me: I see. Well, the refund will be divided up among the cards used according to how much was applied to them.

Caller: And what does that mean?

Me: blink blink Okay, if you used AMMX and put $100 on it and then used VISA and put $150 on it and then $300 on the last card…each card would get that much back to it.

Caller: No. No. No, that’s not how I want it done.

Me: Mam, I do not get a choice. This is how it must be done.

Caller: No. (Like I was a four year old). You will put amount on my AMMX and amount on my Visa. I do not want you to use company name card. (Because she wants to keep her points).

Me: I’m very sorry mam. I do not get that option.

Caller: You’re being very rude. You’re costing a sale for your company (she is canceling). I can’t believe how you’re talking to me.

Me: I’m sorry mam, I’m just trying to explain to you. that I ***

Caller: (Repeats how the money is be refunded)

Me: I tell you what. I will call the store you purchased this from and see if they have different options. I cannot do what you’re asking here at my location.

Caller: I cannot believe this is taking this many phone calls just to get something cancelled. I told you last night to cancel it.

Me: Yes, mam. I just wanted to give you the option of the 3/3 appointment.

Caller: Yeah, well thanks (sarcastic), but it’s crap. Cancel my order and put the money where I told you to put it.

Me: I’m calling the store mam. I cannot do it here.

Caller: Fine. Just do it. Hurry and call me I dont have time for this.

Me: Yes mam. disconnect- call store- explain

Store: We cannot do that. Since she is canceling only part of the order, the amount being refunded will be split evenly across all three cards.

Me: She wants it done this way. I told her and she didn’t want to hear it.

Store: Well, I will process this here and call her. We will take care of this.

Me: Thanks.


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