No, I’M tech support

Just got a phone call yesterday from one of our customer’s at a large national broadband providor.

She said somebody called her from our company saying there’s suspicious activity on her line.

I got the number off of her and asked her to hold on, I popped her on hold and called it.

An Indian man answers saying “Hello, this is rajawhatthefuck from PairCom tech support”

I say, “hello this is Joe from Pair tech support”, we don’t call it PairCom anymore.

I have a dispute with him, giving him shit for trying to get remote access to our customer’s computers.

Hang up, report it to my supervisor, they report it to head office.

I save the number and bring it home. A number of people in the office call them that day too just to give them shit.

I call from home and I absolutely grill him. I claim to be somebody else first, saying I got a call from them. I give him a false landline number an he begins ‘checking the line’ I use Vergin for my broadband so they don’t even have access to ‘my line’ but he’s still scanning it.

Now he needs remote access to my computer to perform diagnostics.

I then tell him I’m from Pair Tech support, and told him we don’t do that. The call goes silent for a while, “Sir, this is PairCom security team, we do do that”

I ask him what’s their email? He gives me a gmail! I ask him where’s Pair’s office in our contries capitol? Gives me an address that doesn’t exist.

I ask him what’s the model of our new modem? He can’t tell me that, he’s “not allowed” I ask him, what’s the grey telephone cable that goes from the modem into the wall? He can’t tell me that either, he’s not allowed! Ask him what’s our freephone and premium direct number? He can’t tell me that either, he’s not allowed!

I ask him who’s the team lead in head office?

He say’s “Peter Parker”.

I ask him who’s the Team Leader for email security in head office, where he’s supposed to be?

“John Denver” hahahaha

I’m on the phone to him for about 30 minutes, giving him shit putting him under a good stress test, I can hear him furiously typing to get information.

He can’t tell me a single thing because it’s super secret information, he’s “the security team!” even though he just answered as tech support.

I plan on calling them again today after work when I’m bored.

Few of us in the office will call today too, I told the pricks they’re already under investigation, I could hear him sweat.

TLDR: Call a guy from my tech support office, he claims he’s tech support for us, can’t answer a single question, gets grilled and was basically close to tears on the phone. Well deserved when they’re trying to rip old ladies and vulnerable people off.

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