Hey, *chirp* So… *chirp* My computer is having trouble *chirp*…

I’m constantly amazed at the percentage of people that just… live with smoke alarms chirping a low battery warning.

Like… how do you just ignore that all day, or all night?

I take calls from pretty wealthy people in my line of work now. Today wasn’t an exception. I was taking calls from some of our mid-high tier employees, and even some c-levels to get them setup on our new software stack on their work computers.

On the 3rd call that was chirping today I even asked “Is your smoke alarm dying? I hear something loud in the background.” and they responded with “Oh… I didn’t even notice!”

HOW. DO. YOU. NOT… ugh

The plague of “The Chirp” still just as bad as when I was taking calls for “where’s my package?”.

I guess the dying smoke alarm transcends society…

Please, just change the damn batteries.

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