Management. Why are you like this?

This isn’t necessary a tale but is a daily occurrence and this is probably the best place to actually get any perspective. If not point me in the right direction.

So I worked for a company that shit down and has now basically reopened under three new names. All the same team same system same everything but we are three companies.

Lo and behold were getting the same complaints that basically shut company A down and got it investigated every other week.

I am so sick of having customers complain that we are harassing them or “I’ve had 6 calls today and every time I answer it hangs up”

I’m sick of apologising and blaming a system error which I know doesn’t exist on every call because they refuse to pay for software and use the fucking trial version of everything.

Management: “Push the client. Obviously they don’t have time but no one has time but if you tell them XYZ (lies) then they WILL do it”

Customer is in the supermarket. I can hear the tills beeping. I am not comfortable with them going through what they need to go through whilst there. Or at work or on the bus. But no I have to push. I have to get so much personal info and a lot of it is super sensitive. So they get halfway through and bail. Which means the next person who gets them and finishes it off doesn’t get to count it as theirs. Which means that’s no one’s “stat” but you will be complianced on it.

Also, I have 10 mins left in my shift. The business then closes. I am not taking another call and staying behind 10-20 minutes every shift for free. We were told that this was fine and that we could pause under a set disposition. Que the next day and get told off for it.

Are other call centers like this? Or is mine just a shitshow?

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I accidentally hung up.

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