I accidentally hung up.

The company I currently work for deals predominantly with Realtors as our customer base. We provide devices for the Realtors to gain access to properties so the can show. Lady calls in today at about 5:15, and her device is not charging.

I ask some questions and figure out that she’s tried the charger in plenty of different outlets, but hasn’t tried a different charger. This is where our fun begins.

I asked her to try a different charger, but she doesn’t have any other micro USB cord. I advise her that they are incredibly inexpensive, and recommend to purchase one to try as that is literally the only option she has at this time of day on a Friday. (if her device is broken she’d need to go to a local office to get it replaced, but they had closed at 5 and are closed on weekends)

She loses her mind. She starts telling me that it’s completely unacceptable that I would advise her to spend money on another cord when the one she has should already work.

She actually goes off in such a fashion for quite a while when I just need to put her on mute for a bit to vent some frustration. Because there is literally nothing else I can suggest. Device isn’t charging. It’s either the device being broken, or the charger. There is only one thing we can replace at this time of day on a freaking Friday.

She’s still going off telling me now that it’s my fault her device isn’t working and I reach for the mute button, and miss.

I hit release. I just hung up on this lady.

God dammit.

I immediately tried to call her back, but wouldn’t you know it the phone number we have on file is disconnected or no longer in service.

I posted in the floor chat telling everyone that if she called back to transfer to me, but as far as I know she never did.

I feel awful that I hung up on her when she was mid rant because she was already so upset with our company and I definitely made that worse.

But… There really wasn’t anything I could do for her either. Gotta be willing to help yourself and all that. And honestly, what’s worth more? The dollar charge in no cord or the sale you’ll make on the half million dollar home that’s so important that you didn’t check your equipment until such a time as nothing could be done.

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