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I was a retention/sales agent for an energy company (known as a REP) which is different from a utility company (TDSP), this will be important for context.

So this story takes place on December 24 of 2017, there was only one agent on floor (me) due to everyone else missing work and one manager. This was not much of a problem because we had almost no calls, including no calls whatsoever for my first 5 hours there. But then came Mr. Cunt…

Me- Thank you for calling >Rep<! My name is MrNumeros, hiw may I assist you?

Mr. Cunt- My fucking lights are off! Tell me why my fucking lights are off!

Me- Alright sir, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience may I please get your full name and service adress to confirm tptour account?

Mr. Cunt- Fuck you! Fix this right fucking now, I want my lights on for christmas!

Me- Sir, I need the information I asked for in order to confirm your account and see if there is anything I can do to fix this.

Mr. Cunt- Fine! My name is Mr. Cunt Cuntsicle and my service adress is ….

Me- thank you sir, I see here your account is active and does not have any sort of disconnection issues form our end, i would suggest you call your utility company __________, so they can go ahead and solve this issue for you…

He hangs up.

I go back to doing nothing and get another call right after.

Me- Thank yo…

Mr. Cunt – Oh it’s you again you fucking idiot, fix this fucking shit right now or I…

Me- Sir, I’m going to ask you to calm down and keep this call professional this is not acceptable.

My manager is now listening in with me.<

Mr. Cunt- You fucking faggot, can’t take insults? Faggot.

Me- Sir, my sexual orientation is none of your concern. And I will kw release the call. Thank you.

Once again I go back to doing nothing and the phone rings yet again…

Me- Thank you fo…


Me- Mr. Cunt, I’m the only one on floor tonight, call your tdsp. Good bye.

I hope his lights stayed off.

-Please forgive any format issues, I’m on mobile.

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