In case you forgot, it’s ALWAYS our fault.

Last call of the day today, it always amazes me the mental gymnastics these callers go through to blame us for literally everything.

Caller: I got a notice that you won’t process my invoices I just sent last week, why is that?

Me: Let me see. (pull up notes) Looks like they said it was illegible or blank. I’ll pull up the fax to see what’s going on.

40 blank pages.

Me: Unfortunately it appears that someone may have faxed the pages upside down, or something could be wrong with your fax machine. All the pages are blank, all we can see is that it came from your business name and fax number.

C: Or something is wrong with YOUR fax.

Me: Well, that’s always possible, but we receive hundreds of faxes a day and yours is the only one I’ve seen like this today. I really think it was just upside down, no biggie, would you please resend it the other way? If it’s still blank we’ll try another way but let’s do this first just to make sure.

C: sigh Fine, what were the dates on the invoices?

Me: I can’t see anything, so I’m not sure, ma’am.

C: Well then why does the notice say the 2nd??

Me: That’s the date we received and tried to process your fax, the pages are literally blank, like just white pages. We don’t have any more information.

C: We put everything back after we faxed it, I don’t remember everything that went into that fax!

Me: Well, all I can suggest is that when you can find the ones you sent last week, I’d keep them out and set aside in case this issue happens again.

C: FINE, I guess I’ll have to go through ALL of this paperwork AGAIN and resend it.

Me: I guess you will.

C: Yeah, THANKS A LOT. click

Even when you send faxes upside down, I’m the asshole. 🙁

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