You forgot an entire person…

Apologies for any awkward formatting, I’m on mobile.

So I used to work at a mostly inbound call centre for a car club in the U.K. We used to get frequent calls from customers that had forgotten things in the cars and only realised after they’d locked up & ended their booking.

The way the system worked is that you had a membership card to let you in, and a PIN number to access the computer to release the keys, and you did the same process in reverse to end your reservation; so nobody could get back into the car once it was locked with the membership card.

So anyway one fine afternoon I take a call from a gentleman who’d forgotten “something.” No problem, I sent a signal through to the central locking to open it back up again. He retrieves his things and we’re good.

Only, before ending the call he tells me, “Oh thanks for that! My grandma will be pleased. I accidentally locked her in!”

My dude. You did not forget something in there, you forgot an ENTIRE PERSON. (I wish my actual response had been that good but it was mostly spluttering and laughing. He was cool and laughing too.)

Oh man, the tales I have from working the phones there.

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I’m sorry lady, but someone hanging up on you is no where close to being raped.

In case you forgot, it’s ALWAYS our fault.