Because it’s. In. French.

Hello! So I work for a financial institution in Canada and usually do outbound calling but for the last couple days we’ve been helping out our inbound team.

A woman came through to me and I saw her language preference was french. Canada is officially bilingual and we do have french reps and I am definitely not one of them.

This woman probably just pressed random buttons in the IVR to get to a rep and didn’t pay attention to the option for french.

She was speaking English to me and there didn’t seem to be much of a language barrier–at first.

She wanted to go over stuff on her statement. Ok, I access it and see it’s all in french. I offer to get her over to a french rep. She keeps asking for info and going on about a specific charge.

I told her at least three times I cannot read the statement and she ignored me each time and kept talking.

Finally when I mentioned for the fourth time I cannot read her statement because it’s. In. French. she finally listened and let me transfer her to a french rep.

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