"Burn your company down"

So I work for a certain moving company. M will be me, AC will be the angry customer.

M:(intro) How can I help you?

AC: I have a big problem with your company. I was quoted for $2100 but now they are saying it is $4600.

M: Okay, what is your reference number and I will look into it.

AC: Gives me reference number.

M: Yes Sir, it looks like your reservation was for 7 feet of trailer space. You ended up using the full 28 foot trailer. You need to pay for the full trailer.

AC: But noone told me or my son that we would have to pay for what we use.

M: Sir, you, or your son, booked this all online. You never talked to anyone.

AC: Well isn’t that convenient for you to quote 7 feet but end up charging us for the 28?!

M: I’m sorry Sir, but that is exactly how our service works. You just pay for the amount of space you use.

AC: Well I own “blah blah” business and I will smear your company for this. So what, I pay the $4600 and you will get my stuff to me in like 2-3 months?!

M: No Sir, when this was booked a guaranteed delivery date was booked with it. It will be at your location on (said date).

AC: Well if it there by the f******* (date) then so help me God I will burn your f******* company to the ground.

Customer disconnects….

Okay there buddy.

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