Your last agent wasn’t trained properly.

So, this will be a lovely take involving your lovely PsyochsomaticJester (me obvs, labeled as pj) Some angry dude (AG) and my lovely co-worker…Jane, Yeah, Jane.

So I work in a call center like most of you and deal with people who are jerks all day, we understand it happens some of us have bad days. But then you have people like AG. Who assume we are all stupid and incompetent. As most of you know 9 times out of 10 our co workers were with us in training and we have been together since the start, so we all know the correct information required for almost any situation. Ok, story time.

PJ: Thank you for calling (insert company name here) My name is PJ can I have your first and last name please?

AG: No, your last agent Jane was so stupid and didn’t understand a word I was saying so I want your supervisor, because none of you obviously know anything about your job.

Now guys I understand some call centers don’t allow you to disclose you work with such and such agent but mine does. This will be important

PJ: Well sir I do apologize for any inconvenience the last agent may have caused but I do see in her very detailed notes all of the information she provided to you, and she was correct.

(He didn’t send every page of a document we require. We have to have every single page to be sent back to us or it gets sent back and he just wasn’t understanding that)

PJ (Tells him the exact same thing Jane has said) Now if you disagree with me and Jane then I can happily get you a supervisor but the same information will be given to you today that myself and Jane have told you.

AG: Well I just don’t understand how Jane could have been so stupid I mean obviously she didn’t go through the training AT ALL.

PJ: Actually sir we were in the same training class together and we are all competent enough to handle this situation and she told you the corrected information, as I have said to you as well and so will my supervisor.

(So dude finally says he will work with me, thank god sup call avoided.)

AG: Ok so what do I need to do to get this BS fixed.

PJ: Well sir as I have advised you need to resubmit all pages of the document. You only sent 3 out of the 8 pages. We need every. single. page. Regardless of how insignificant they may seem.


PJ: Again, no matter how insignificant they may seem, we need every. single. page.

AG: FINE. I will send in all the stupid pages again, Jane still had no idea what she was talking about. Thank you so much for the help you were amazing PJ

PJ: Well thank you for calling sir and have a nice day.


Jane: PJ was that AG? I just had him and told him what the issue was and how it was to be fixed. He hung up on me saying I didn’t know what I was talking about.

PJ: Yeah umm, I just literally read off your notes to him and told him the same thing and he told me I was amazing and actually helped him.

Jane: Wow that dude was a dick.

cue laugh track?

Later on another co worker got him and did the same exact thing. She told me that AG told her that “Jane and PJ were stupid and didn’t understand a thing they were talking about. They obviously need to be retrained” and then my co worker tells AG the same exact thing me and Jane told him. He hung up and didn’t call back.

I just don’t understand how you can call in, call one agent stupid and hang up, call back, thank one agent for doing a good job and call back again and do the whole thing over. WTF.

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