It Won’t Fit!

This was a call I had gotten yesterday. I posted it on r/talesfromtechsupport but figured it could go here too.

I work as a tier 2 tech support rep for an ISP. A Customer (C) had recieved a new DSL modem and was calling for assistance to get it connected. Here’s how that call went:

Me: intro, authentication

C: So, I just recieved this new modem and I don’t know how to connect it.

Me: No worries! I’ll get you up and running!

It’s just connecting an RJ-11 into a jack, how hard can it be?

So, let’s start by plugging it in to get some power.

C: Alright. shuffling, grunting There.

Me: Now, there’s going to be a small switch in the back where the power cord is, flick it on.

C: Now, I have a power light.

Me: Good! Now, take the cord and plug it into the back where it says phone.

C: Ok. I plugged it into number 1. ethernet port

Me: No, plug it in where it says phone.

C: Oh, above 1?

Me: Yes, please.

C: Ok. It won’t fit!

Me: Does it fit into ethernet port 1?

C: Yes, perfectly.

Me: Oh, okay. That’s the wrong cord. Do you have another one that came in the box? They were trying to plug an RJ-45 into an RJ-11 port.

C: Oh, yes! Should I try it?

Me: Yes, ma’am.

C: It fits! Now, it goes into a jack right?

Me: Yes! That’s right. One that is not being used.

C: Ok, well, something is plugged in here, but I’m not using– click

C has just unplugged her phone before I could do or say anything. facedesk I wait 10 minutes and call C back.

Me: intro Sorry, we got cut off!

C: You never told me I would lose you like that!

Me internally: I couldn’t because you unplugged it before I could. I’m very sorry about that. Let’s find another jack.

C: Ok, there’s another one in my room.

Me: Is there anything plugged into it?

C: No.

Me: Ok, good. Connect the other end into the jack.

C: Ok, now what?

Me: I can configure it.

I configured the modem, changed the Wi-Fi credentials for C and that was that. A 10 minute call took almost 45 minutes… and I only had one facedesk!

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