Y’all let me tell you about Kimberly!

First off the day was going fine. Just fine. But this mofo has my blood pressure through the roof!

Usual spiel and greetings..

“Yeah let me speak with your boss.”

OK, sudden escalation. No biggie. First one I’ve had all day.

“No problem. First I just need to verify your account.”

Him: “Excuse me?”

“Yeah, I just need to verify your account so –“

Him: “No no no. I just need you to do exactly what I just said and put them on the line.

“Ok then sir. I do apologize. What seems to be the issue so I can let them know?”

Him: “I already told you what the issue was (no you didn’t) and I need you to get up and go tell them. Are you stupid or something? See this is why I’m having this problem because of incompetent and useless people like you.” (Dude I ain’t the one to cross. Been here two years and I know how to do my job.)

I just put him on hold and flagged down my senior since our sup was off the floor. Gave her all the information from what I could immediately see. Account was suspended. OK sounds simple enough. I warned her about his attitude. Got back on the phone with him and transferred him over to her. I muted my end and stayed on the line while she spoke with him because I was curious as to how this would turn out.

He proceeds to tell her the issue and how he’s horribly disappointed in the company for doing this to him. He tells her to “go into his account and get on finding out why this happened”. She tried to verify him and he refuses to give her any information whatsoever. Without this we cannot do a thing.

“You don’t need to do any of that. You just need to do what I tell you.”

He just goes off and berates her and calls her stupid and insult after insult. She’s not one to take that from anyone so she basically disconnected him (after several warnings of course).

My advice to you, my dear Kimberly, is to start looking elsewhere for someone to provide you services because your account is on its way to legal to be blacklisted from ever calling our customer service line again!

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