The Bird’s Nest

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Working Tuesday to Saturday instead of Monday to Friday has its benefits. I do not have to deal with the busy Mondays and I also get to experience the weird calls and tickets that are recieved on Saturdays. For those who haven’t seen my stories, I work as a tier 2 tech support agent for an ISP.

This story is about a ticket I recieved a call about from a Tech. It was sent off a few days ago and had just today reached a technician. The ticket was for a standard no connection issue but was also affecting the phone. The Tech needed some information that only I or my other coworkers can access. I provided it to him. This conversation ensues:

T: …now I’m just going to go check the terminal to see what’s going on here–


T: profanity, shuffling noises Well, I know why they’re having issues. There’s a crow’s nest inside the terminal! Close the ticket. I can’t do anything here. I’m going to call animal control and have them moved.

After hearing that, I sat for a few minutes going over if I really just heard that there’s a crow nesting inside the terminal box. When I realized that I did just hear that, I closed the ticket with the following:

Bird nesting inside terminal box. Referring to a third party to have the nest removed.

This is the first time in my short two year support career that I’ve ever dealt with something like this.

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