We get random people calling for the advise nurse when we have nothing to do with medical services, and I’am not sure but maybe just spoke to a murderer…..

For about a solid year or two, atleast once a week we will get these people looking for an advise nurse. I won’t say which company or where I work/answer for, but I can tell you its not what we answer the phones for. I’ve complained to my boss to call the company that gets these calls to investigate why they receive these calls And to get them stopped ASAP because I feel after talking to most these people they should be calling 911 not us. 99% of the time the people just start saying what’s wrong with them immediately after I say “(insert company name)this is the answering service” so I have heard some weird shit.

Now to my story, it’s short but this guy calls and says, “my girlfriend just had seizure and I don’t know what to do can you tell me or should I call 911”…. I gave him the regular answer I give to everyone hoping they never waste time calling us again”the number listed that you called is not for an advise nurse and if you think it’s an emergency, call 911”. He replied “ok”.

After working here for 4 years and being a volunteer firefighter for 2 years, I have never heard someone sound so weirdly calm during a event such as this. Obviously I cannot type out how it sounded but I can promise that something was very strange in his voice.

The main reason I came here to post this is because the words he used to explain the situation were very strange, maybe I’am paranoid but, when he said “I don’t know what to do”, that would imply he is alone or had no else to ask, which leads to his “girlfriend” being unresponsive and was never able to ask her what she would do or how she feels and in that case call 911 people!! As for someone who has definitely lied in life and learned to tell my dad back in the day that “I” went to the store, not “we”, as in I picked up a friend to drive around with me when I was not supposed to, That one word difference “I”, “we” can really change a story. You don’t just say “I” when your with someone that you’re talking about whether you realize it or not. I’am sure I’am nuts and over blowing it, thinking this guy did something to her on Valentine’s Day but I can’t help to think what happened in the end.

Moral of the story, call 911 if you have any doubt someone’s life could be in danger, and don’t kill your loved one or anyone for that matter.

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