Big Babies Shouldn’t Be Using Profanity…

I work in a call center for a utility company. I’m glad to say that 95% of my daily interactions are neutral or pleasant. Of course, there is that other 5%!

Last week sometime a customer (We will call him BB for Big Baby) called in because he was moving that day. We schedule all of our service transfers out 2 days in advance, but in most cases utilities are on, we just have to read their meter to start the billing. So we let BB know it will be a couple days and he FLIPS THE FREAK OUT. Now keep in mind, his utilities are already on, he won’t have to meet anyone out there, it’s literally a simple meter read. So he starts calling the CSR he was speaking with a bunch of names, tells her to do her effing job and hangs up.

This fool ended up calling back and bouncing around our call center 8 different times that day until a supervisor finally gave him what he wanted…(and the rest of us CSRs rolled our eyes).

So fast forward a week I get a call from a man (who I only figure out was BB after our conversation). He was confused about his balance that our phone system gave him because it didn’t match his bill. I let him know that because he transferred service, the account is in the middle of some adjustments, and to go ahead and pay the amount his bill stated. I thought that would have resolved the matter, but out of nowhere this guy starts freaking CRYING! What!!!!

So I assure him again he doesn’t have to pay the $300 and he starts whining and then yelling at me! BB told me that I don’t make any sense, I’m a two faced dumb b*tch and demands to speak with a supervisor. When I tried to explain that I would get him transferred he started screaming/chanting…I kid you not…”SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR!!”

At this point I’m pissed. I said to him, “Sir, if you are screaming at us and using profanity we cannot and will not help you. I’m not going to transfer you unless you stop.” To which he replied, “I can say whatever the f**k I want, please transfer me now.”

Despite my will to hang up on him, I transferred him to a supervisor who ended up hanging up on him anyways since he was screaming profanity at her.

Moral of the story…these people need to grow up and handle their business like adults! No one in the real world is going to help you if you act like that.

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We get random people calling for the advise nurse when we have nothing to do with medical services, and I’am not sure but maybe just spoke to a murderer…..

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